About Us

My name is Shaikh Muneer, and I am from Parbhani City, Maharashtra. I completed my BA (Bachelor of Arts) in 2016. I also completed a Diploma in Web Development from Aurangabad In 2012. That’s when I started my online blogging journey, creating and ranking several websites to earn income. Alongside, I began offering services such as social media management, SEO, email marketing, content writing, and WordPress web development to clients.

Then came the lockdown in India (2020-21). During this time, my interest in blogging decreased significantly as I was exploring and earning through trading in the Indian stock market.

Currently, I am trading in the Indian market while also providing freelancing services on platforms like Upwork. From there, I got the idea to create my own digital marketing agency website and offer services at competitive prices. In April 2024, I launched CraftHi.com, where you can find all digital marketing services at affordable rates.

Now, I do all the stuff which I really like and I am skilled in as follows:
  • WordPress Development (Web Development)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • YouTube Recordings
  • Online Courses Recordings
Shaikh Muneer (Founder)

Mobile-friendly sites

We design 100% responsive websites which works perfectly on any size of screen whether you are using your website on a tiny mobile screen of 4.7 inches or you are opening your website on a 48 inches monitor.

Content management system

We provide a fully-featured content management system through which even a non-techy person can easily manage his website without dealing with a single line of code.

Inquiry forms

We integrate inquiry forms and online chat system to your website through which customers can quickly get in touch with you.

Ecommerce ready

The website will be ready to get integrated with eCommerce features too in case if you need in future.

Easy to manage

Our duty is not over even when we deliver the website. We develop a fully-featured backend panel (admin panel) with drag-and-drop interface through which you can easily edit the content of your website even without dealing with a single line of code. This makes it easy for anyone who is not a computer savvy person to manage the website within few minutes very easily.

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